This Woman Had Quite A Surprise When Her Dog Grown Up

Puppies are extremely cute. Unfortunately, they are growing up! This is what this woman realized shortly after adopting an adorable Alaskan malamute...


Yumna Saloojee, a South African, was eager to adopt a pet. When she laid eyes on a lovely Alaskan malamute, she knew it was him she wanted and that she was eager to bring him home. She was excited to offer a loving home to this little puppy. After a few months, Yumna began to notice a radical transformation in her handsome little puppy, which completely confused her. Read on to find out what Yumna discovered after she decided to adopt her malamute puppy.

1. Choosing to adopt a pet

Usually, one of the most important factors people consider when choosing to adopt a pet is the size of the animal. By 2014, Yumna Saloojee knew she wanted to adopt a dog, but the size was not something she really thought about, at least not until something interesting and unexpected happened. She would have been happy with just about any type of dog!

Large pets are fun to be around but have a little more challenges and responsibilities. They require much more space and can sometimes be difficult to handle. Small pets, on the other hand, are more convenient and easier to groom most of the time.

2. A new furry friend

Yumna had decided that it was finally time to realize her dream of adopting a pet. She finally felt ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a canine companion. So she went looking for the dog of her dreams.

It didn’t take too much research for her to find her future best friend: an irresistible little fur ball who was an Alaskan malamute. The dog was just a little fur ball at the time and it was impossible to imagine how much the puppy would grow. Nevertheless, Yumna had met the puppy of her dreams and realized that her life was going to change for good – in many more ways than she thought.

3. The dog of his dreams

Yumna was absolutely delighted to finally be able to adopt a pet. The process required some research, but once she laid eyes on a cute little Alaskan malamute, her heart melted on the spot.

When she chose him, he was only two weeks old. As he was so young, the dog still needed to stay with his mother. For this reason, Yumna had to wait a few weeks before she could take him home. She was incredibly surprised when the day finally arrived.

4. The day Yumna brings her dog home

After weeks of waiting to see her puppy, Yumna has quite a surprise. He had already grown up a lot since she last saw him. Yumna had already chosen a name for it: Tydus. The name means “great giant warrior” and it was extremely popular in ancient Rome. This little dog was supposed to be destined for big things.

Yumna knew what she was getting into when she adopted an Alaskan malamute. She was not particularly looking for a small dog breed and was fully aware that Tydus would grow with age. The breed generally reaches a fairly large size, but as it would soon realize, Tydus was more special than the other Mamalutes.

5. Settling in the house

As soon as Tydus was brought home for the first time, he managed to settle in fairly quickly. He received a whole range of toys, a new comfortable bed, lots of food and lots of attention 24 hours a day in his new warm home. From the beginning, Tydus discovered that he liked to run around and have fun on the grass with his toys. He had so much free space in his new home!

6. A lovely dog

In the picture, we see Tydus when he was about eight weeks old. He couldn’t have been more adorable. As he explored and discovered the world around him, he discovered his favorite games and seemed to be trying to master the art of playing soccer. In addition, he made the perfect dog model, always ready to pose for the camera with his photogenic face and funny buffoonery.

As Tydus was welcomed into his new home, Yumna documented each of his awakening moments. Anyone would have done the same thing because, after all, a puppy doesn’t have to do much to be cute. All he had to do here was play with his football and smile. Little Tydus was also growing very fast, and she didn’t want to miss anything until he became a normal-sized dog.

7. Pool time

Not only did Tydus have a huge garden to play in, but he also had his own swimming pool at Yumna. Alaskan malamutes like to swim, so she wanted him to get used to being near the water as he grew up. In the picture, we see here one of the occasions when they tried to get Tydus used to the pool. He seems to be having a good time!

At that time, Tydus was not quite ready to jump into the water. He was just happy to be able to get close to the pool and play outside in the grass.

8. Part of the pack

Yumna and all the members of the Saloojee clan soon fell in love with Tydus. He was getting cuter and more adorable every day and Tydus felt like another member of the family. The puppy never seemed to run out of energy. His favorite activity at that time was to play with all Yumna’s family members and friends all day long.

9. Tydus is getting bigger

As all dog owners know, it is normal for puppies to get much bigger as they get older. For this reason, Yumna did not suspect anything strange in Tydus’ early growth spurts. From the day she chose him, she knew he was going to be a relatively big dog, like most dogs of her breed. However, Tydus seemed a little different.

No one knew it yet, but Tydus’ growth spurt began to outstrip other dogs of his age. It continued to grow until it quickly reached its adult size. Yumna loved her adorable Alaskan malamute and would love it in any shape or size. But how tydus was he going to grow up?

10. Great giant warrior

Tydus has continued to grow exponentially. Even though he was still a puppy, he had already reached a weight of 54 kg (120 lb), which is already huge for an Alaskan malamute. Anyone who had seen Tydus from the beginning would hardly recognize him now!

Yumna had no idea that Tydus would grow to such size when she adopted him, but she still loved him and still thought he was the cutest thing on Earth.

11. The Alaskan malamute

A male Alaskan malamute usually grows to about 35 kilograms (85 lbs.) and can grow to 65 centimeters (25 inches) in height. In rare cases, the so-called “giant” versions can reach about 64 kilograms (140 lbs.), but their bodies are not designed to support this weight.

Obviously, Tydus was much taller than the average malamute, but no one expected him to reach the size of a giant malamute when he was just a puppy. So, what exactly did this mean for Yumna?

12. Tydus becomes giant

When it comes to hugs, Tydus has never been shy. He loves jumping to hug Yumna; the only problem is that he overhangs her with his giant waist.

13. Lots of hugs

Yumna decided to make some use of all this down and fur by cuddling with Tydus every day. Only a giant Alaskan malamute like him could give him such hugs. He loves her so much that he smiles every time!

14. A puppy that doesn’t know its size

Despite its enormous size, Tydus continues to act like a puppy, blissfully ignoring its proportions.

15. People’s reactions

Every time Yumna takes Tydus for a walk on the street to keep him active, he attracts the attention of everyone who sees him.

16. A social networking star

Yumna was very excited about sharing pictures of her beautiful Alaskan malamute with the world, so she decided to create an Instagram page where she could upload different pictures of him every day. She wanted to show her dazzling personality. Tydus has become a star with more than 140,000 fans.

17. Trez, the African grey parrot from Congo

Facebook/Trez and Tydus

The Instagram account was created for Tydus, but he shares it with his brother Trez, the African grey parrot from Congo. In fact, the story is called Trez & Tydus, on which Trez the adorable bird often makes random appearances.

18. Perfect image

Yumna loves her animals, especially when they play together and are able to pose in front of the camera. It seems that Tydus here wants all the attention, and he believes that the best way to get it is to “eat” his mother’s arm.

19. Playing dumb

Most of the time, Tydus is being a little silly. He loves to play with his stuffed toys when he’s not cuddling Yumna. Here, we see him having fun tearing up poor little Mickey Mouse to pieces.

20. Hey you, don’t move!

There are a few other items that Tydus likes to play with. He particularly likes his stuffed dinosaur and a toy gun.