6 tips to read to repel ticks and avoid getting Lyme disease

Ticks are more and more present during the summer season and protecting yourself from them is important. Here are some tips to keep them away.


Ticks are increasingly present in our environment. Sometimes carriers of Lyme disease, ticks are not to be taken lightly. That’s why it’s important to be well informed and to use a few simple tips to keep them away or, if necessary, remove them properly. Here are some effective tips you should consider for the summer season.

1. Where are they?

Ticks are often found in long grass in wet areas. Very small, they are not easily visible when they are young and can easily hide in the hair of your animals. If you work in landscaping, agriculture, construction or even on a beach, you are at risk of encountering them daily.

2. What you wear

There are many tips to keep in mind when venturing into higher-risk wet areas such as woodlands, mountains, etc.

Light coloured clothing, pants, a hat, long sleeves and closed shoes are recommended. Also, to be prepared, put your socks over your pants.

3. Mosquito-repellent

If you are outside, it is advisable to apply sunscreen 15 minutes before spraying a mosquito repellent on the skin. This limits the absorption of the repellent. To protect yourself from tick bites, use DEET and icaridin products.

4. In the garden

To protect your animals from ticks in the garden, add 5 tablespoons of vinegar to the water you use to wash them. By washing them, a slight odour of vinegar will settle and the ticks will remain at a distance from your animal. Don’t worry, with soap, you probably won’t smell like vinegar.

5. A tick on your pet?


To safely remove a tick from your pet, it takes a tool called a “twister”. These are small plastic cups with a claw-shaped head that clings between the tick’s body and your pet’s skin, giving you the leverage to twist the tick safely and effectively out of your pet’s skin. Do not apply too much force, as you do not want the tick head to break under the skin. Consult a veterinarian afterwards!

6. Cedar oil

By using cedar oil, it seems that it is easier to eliminate ticks. This oil attacks ticks by dehydrating them, but also by eliminating their eggs and by attacking the insect’s breathing and body.

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