15 Clever Ways to Use Toothpaste Differently That You Didn’t Know Before

If you are looking for ways to use your toothpaste differently, here are 15 tips that will surely change your daily life for the better.


Your little tube of toothpaste is definitely in your bathroom waiting for you to brush your teeth. BUT! It could be very useful differently from what you had anticipated.You will be amazed by its performance to clean your teeth, but also to clean your house as well. Hurry up, do not miss these tips and click at the bottom of the page to see them all.

Here are 15 that will change your daily life for the better.

14. Remove pencil marks

Sometimes kids turn over excited and they are drawing on walls, do not worry, the toothpaste is there to help you erase everything.

Just rub the wall with a little toothpaste, rinse with a damp cloth, then everything will disappear quickly.

13. Wash your hands

If you put your hands in a product that smells very strong and the smell remains hanging on your skin, the toothpaste will help you get everything going fast. Take a small nut of toothpaste and rub your hands as if it were soap.

12. Shine silver pieces

Rub some toothpaste on metals like your silver jewelry in order to make them shine again.

11. Clean your piano.

If your piano keys begin to tarnish, you can whiten it with a little toothpaste. Put a little toothpaste on a wet cloth and rub yellow piano keys. They will return to their original appearance.

10. For Insect Bites

Toothpaste can easily reduce the itching effect caused by mosquito bites or spiders.

9. Ink stains

By intensely rubbing toothpaste on your shirt that has been stained with ink, you will probably be able to rescue it! Repeat until the stain disappears.

8. Your jewelry

Pour faire briller vos diamants à nouveau, il suffit de frotter un peu de pâte à dents sur le bijou.

7. Against scratches

By rubbing a little toothpaste on a CD or a phone screen that has scratches, you can make them disappear. You must be very delicate in rubbing!

6. Clean chrome

The best way to wash faucets and get all the stains off is to rub toothpaste on the surface. They will shine.

5. Lipstick stains

If your lipstick is on a tissue and it does not go away, you can successfully remove it completely by rubbing the toothpaste.

4. Clean shoes

The white of your shoes will become like new with a little blow of toothpaste.

Car headlights

The toothpaste can clean your headlights almost back to the way they looked brand new in a very short time. Just rub it with an old toothbrush and clean it with water.

3. Swimming Goggles

Put a thin layer of toothpaste inside the pool goggles and rinse them. No more fog in your glasses.

2. Stains on wood 

If there are stains on your wooden surfaces, rub with a little toothpaste and water and everything will go away.

1. Stains on white fabrics.

If your white fabrics (tablecloths, clothes, cushions, etc.) have spots of wine, lipstick or the like, the toothpaste can save them. Rub it a little on the stain and let it act. Then wash the fabric back to its original shape.

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