10 Reasons To Stop Using A Microwave

Sure, microwaves are extremely practical, but reheating your leftovers in only a few seconds is not worth sacrifying your health.


Quick, easy, practical… Microwaves are a must in any good kitchen. Or are they? In this fast-paced world, why on earth world someone skip on a little help from technology to save time and make meal prepping a lot simpler? Well, these 10 reasons might convince you to get rid of your microwave for good and forever embrace the good old oven-stove, even for leftovers.

10. Risk of Fire

Forget a metal fork in the plate or certain specific foods and the microwaves can catch fire and explode. This can happen in a matter of seconds, making the risk rather big. While most people won’t run into problems, electrical fires can be quite scary.

9. Food Quality

Ever tried microwaving steak or a pizza? Not exactly good, right? Food that has been microwaved loses some of its flavours and often comes out having a different texture. For truly tasty meals that taste and feel as they should, skip the microwave.

8. Risk of Food Poisoning

Microwaves often cook between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a danger zone in terms of food temperature. It is the ideal temperature for bacteria to grow and consequently enter your body. Food held, stored, or served in such heat is the best way to get food poisoning.

7. Uneven Heating

Microwaves are notorious for heating food unevenly. One side is scalding hot and the other still cold, we’ve all been there. Using the stove might be a little longer, but the perfect temperature will make the experience a lot more enjoyable.

6. Over Cooking


When using microwaves, it is easy to overcook the outside of food. This comes back to uneven heat distribution, but also affects the overall quality of a meal. When the edges are rubbery and hard, you will most likely waste a lot of food or end up eating a very sad dinner.

5. The Plastic Problem

Unless you carefully selected only glass or PBA-free plastic containers and stay away from anything that does not come from your home, microwaves are not a good match for your leftover containers. The harmful chemical not intended for consumption, and microwaves allow those to get in your meal. Even BPA-free plastic can release fats and other components into your food.

4. Nutrients Lose


Microwaving has been shown to rearrange the way food molecules are bonded together. This means that not only does produce that is put through the microwave at high temperatures lose more nutrients than food cooked other ways, but your body might not assimilate it as it should. Avoiding microwaves is crucial to make sure to get a maximum of nutrients.

3. Radiation and High Risks

Even the latest models of microwaves have been proven to release high amounts of radiation. Long exposure to this radiation puts you at risk for cancer. This alone should be enough to make you get rid of your microwave and avoid it at all costs.

2. Stoves Are Easy to Use

Let’s start by clearing this up: stoves are simple to use. Reheating something on the stove or in the oven is just as simple as using the microwave. And you won’t have to deal with splatter. For families, using a stove might actually be faster when cooking for multiple people.

1. Healthier Options

While microwave meals can be time-saving, cooking from scratch offers you more options and a lot fewer preservatives and other agents to make it reheat better. When you ditch the microwave you get to experiment more and eat better.

Source: Mind Buzz