13 flowers that don’t need a lot of upkeep

You don't have a green thumb? Don't worry. You can still have a great blossoming front yard and enjoy yourself in a backyard filled with flowers. These 13 beautiful and fragrant flowers can withstand almost anything so you don't have to spend all your time gardening. Your gardening will have never been so pleasant!


In the summertime, there are few things more pleasant than the smell of blooming flowers. Everybody wants some in their front yard as well as their backyard. Problem is, not everyone was blessed with a green thumb, wants to spend their day off kneeling in the garden or even have time to do so, no matter how much they would enjoy it. While keeping your garden healthy can seem like an intimidating task, it does not have to be. It can be for someone who is just starting!

The secret resides in choosing the right plants and flowers. Interested? Willing to give it a try? We have assembled 13 types of flowers that can withstand anything, will look and smell great and won’t require maintenance.

They will continue to live and to prosper even if you struggle to keep your house plants alive!

1. Wave Petunias

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This flower does not need much pruning. Sprinkle a bit of fertilizer, water it often and enjoy its vivid colours all summer.

2. English marigold

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Another very colourful flower!

These amusing flowers come in ons of different colours. Make sure to plant them in a pot with fast drainage and you will appreciate this flower all season long.

3. Yarrow

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It needs a lot of sun but doesn’t need amazing soil. You don’t even need to fertilize your yard to get these nice flowers. 

4. Hosta

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Plant some once and then forget about them afterward! This perennial is our kind of plant. Little water, sun or shade, this plant prospers without anything else!

5. Impatiens


You don’t need to have a green thumb to make impatiens flower. They come in almost every colour, and if you get a lot of sun inside your house, they can flower all year. Isn’t that great?

6. Primrose


Primroses are spectacularly beautiful and perfumed. They flower mostly in the Spring and they do well in full sun or in slightly shaded areas.

7. Daylily


Even if every flowering only lasts one day, these flowers will continuously grow when you water them. 

8. Marvel of Peru


This ring in the shape of a trumpet grows better in full sun, but can take a bit of shade. They flower rapidly and do well in almost any kind of soil. 

9. Marigold


The concern could have the greatest honor to be one of the most drought-resistant and heat-tolerant flowers in the garden. No matter how hot it is, because worry survives and thrives. For a better display and an even stronger impact, plant several different colors of this annual plant in one place.

10. Russian sage

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In 1995, this plant had the honour of being the perennial of the year, and this is why – it is drought tolerant, has virtually no disease or insect problems and is ideal for attracting butterflies and bees. In addition, Russian sage can thrive in a wide variety of soil types, so you don’t need to have perfect conditions for it to look good.

11. Mexican sunflower

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Although they are not part of the sunflower family, this native of Mexico still uses this name. It’s easy to consider them as any sunflower, but don’t do it! These annuals certainly deserve their own place in your flowerbed, and they are just as easy to grow from seeds as the sunflowers you probably already know. They produce beautiful orange flowers even in the hottest conditions while attracting bees and butterflies.

12. Goldenrod

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Gardeners often neglect the perennial goldenrod because it does not necessarily have large or bright flowers. It is best known as a wild flower that grows wild in meadows, fields and parks. However, it has superior qualities. For example, it is drought tolerant and can grow in a wide variety of conditions. The flowers bloom in late summer and last until autumn. It’s starting to make his comeback a little bit because he’s so popular among bees and butterflies.

13. Cosmos

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There is no easier maintenance than the annual Cosmos. You can seriously throw some seeds into the garden, and they are likely to have little care or attention from you. Oh yes – butterflies love the cosmos, so don’t be surprised if you see big swallow tails stopping to eat nectar.